Move Your Body

Gold Coast Modern Jive Championships
8th - 10th November 2013

2013 Results

DWAS – Beginners Final Boys
First Rob Curtis
Second Edward Truong
Third Garrett Heinlen

DWAS - Beginners Final Girls
First Laura Baxter
Second Holly Kong
Third Natalie Mccann

DWAS - Intermediate Final Boys
First Daniel Moore
Second Nathan van Rij
Third William Wu

DWAS - Intermediate Final Girls
First Tara Carroll
Second Michelle Stewart
Third Clare Plumer

DWAS - Intermediate Plus Final Boys
First Robert Little
Second Richard Aplin
Third Chris Lowe

DWAS - Intermediate Plus Final Girls
First Joanne Willock
Second Alicia Stewart
Third Lisa Gazan

DWAS - Advanced Final Boys
First Aaron Edwards
Second Phillip Bunn
Third Jason Haynes

DWAS - Advanced Final Girls
First Berni Valenzuela
Second Tanya Gourlay
Third Roslyn Hicks

DWAS - Champions
First Matthew Fairburn & Katie Cooling
Second Zac Skinner & Emma Keating
Third Grant Grinter & Kirri Robinson

Freestyle - Beginners
First Jack Doyle & Danielle Jeffries
Second Rob Curtis & Elisha Toms
Third Michael Knight & Laura Baxter

Freestyle - Intermediate
First Daniel Moore & Tara Carroll
Second Gabriel Bizcarra & Michelle Stewart
Third Richard Lomax & Mel Naughtin

Freestyle - Intermediate Plus
First Chris Lowe & Clare Plumer
Second Rowan Marshall & Beata Laurenson
Third William Wu & Sofia Casbolt

Freestyle - Advanced
First Tim Maleevsky & Julia Robete
Second Michael Siegele & Freya Wilson
Third David Mun & Anne Dang

Freestyle - Champions
First Zac Skinner & Kirri Robinson
Second Casey Fowler & Emma Keating
Third Shaun Diaz & Sarah Birtles

MixnMatch - Female Student / Male Teacher
First Matthew Fairburn & Mel Naughtin
Second Grant Grinter & Tara Carroll
Third Natalie Mccann & Jason Sullivan

MixnMatch - Male Student / Female Teacher
First William Wu & Roslyn Hicks
Second Edward Truong & Liz Grinter
Third Nathan van Rij & Julie Gunn

Over 40s
First Kent Willis & Emma Keating
Second Mick French & Tanya Gourlay
Third Greg Munro & Natalie Mccann

Girls Blind
First Matthew Fairburn & Dahna Borg
Second Mervin Almeida & Katie Cooling
Third Zac Skinner & Kirri Robinson

Battle Girls
First Ann Nguyen & Anne Dang
Second Katie Cooling & Michelle Stewart
Third Emma Priest & Karen Davison

Battle Boys
First Grant Grinter & Shaun Diaz
Second Scott Paynter & Tom Smith
Third Matthew Fairburn & Zac Skinner

Ultimate Battle Winners
Grant Grinter & Shaun Diaz

First Feel This Moment by Julie and Louie
Second Little Party by Sarah and Shaun
Third Lego House by Liz and Grant

First Turn All the Lights On by Move Your Body
Second Back In Time by Le Step On The Coast
Third The Other Side by Le Step On The Coast

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