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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

The rule of thumb with dancing clothing is to wear something that is comfortable and which you can easily move around the dance floor in. You will tend to work up a sweat, particularly during the summer months, so it is a good idea to bring a towel and a spare shirt (for the guys) if you wish.

With your footwear, it is recommended that you wear shoes that have a smooth sole that will allow you to spin without sticking to the floor. As our style of dance involves spinning, shoes such as running shoes, thongs and sandals aren’t really suitable as they can restrict you in many of the moves.

For ladies who like to wear high heels, it is best to wear shoes that enclose the back of your heel just to give your ankle that extra bit of support for when you spin.

We sell an array of dance shoes at a great price from high heels to ballroom shoes to fantastic dance sneakers for both men and women. We have a huge range to choose from on display and also from our catalogue, so please feel free to check them out at class.

Do I need a partner?

Both couples and singletons are welcome at Move Your Body. Our classes are based on a rotational system which means that everybody rotates and dances with a different partner after every minute or so. This means that you can interact with a range of dancers from total beginners to the more advanced and in doing so you get to meet different people!

I have never danced before. Do I need to have experience to attend?

No! Move Your Body encourages absolute beginners to come along, especially if you have never set foot in a dance class in your entire life. Even if you are convinced that you were born with two left feet and are also the most uncoordinated person in the world, we would love you to come to class! We see complete beginners come to class every single week so you will not be on your own. Most importantly the friendly Move Your Body crew are always on hand to help you out.

Remember, every person at Move Your Body was a beginner at one stage and by giving it a go you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you actually have very good rhythm and a natural flair for dancing!

Is your style of dancing Latin?

Move Your Body teaches a fusion of dance styles which does include Latin style moves. Unlike the traditional forms of Latin styles, Move Your Body teaches a modern form of dancing whereby we take a range of moves from all the Latin components and incorporate them into the one style which is commonly known as modern jive or ‘ceroc’. We also teach only one style of footwork which is very easy to learn.

Unlike the conventional Latin dancing which primarily is only danced to Latin music, our modern style of dancing can be applied to any type of music. This gives you the versatility of busting some moves regardless of the music in any social environment i.e. parties, pubs, clubs, weddings, formals, hens and bucks nights etc, which is a sure fire way to impress your friends.

What music do you play at class?

At class we play a range of music genres from top 40 tracks, jazz, R&B, blues, Latin and dance.

If you have any favourite songs that you would like to hear us play at class, please let us know as we love to hear your suggestions and add new songs to our play lists.

What are the age groups of the people who attend?

We see a range of people of all different age groups at Move Your Body from 17 years of age, up to dancers in their 60s. There is a great mix of friendly people who all dance with one another regardless of age, so age is no barrier to dancing!

Although Move Your Body instructors and crew are Blue Card holders, we do not advise parents to bring along their children under 16 years old to class. We aim to provide classes that are sociable and enjoyable in an adult orientated environment.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes we do. Generally, most people find that the weekly classes are sufficient for their progress but if you feel that you need that extra bit of help, private lessons are available and can be arranged at class or by calling 07 5578 3888 or 0402 218 711.

A fusion of Latin, Jive & Dirty Dancing. Friendly and sociable atmosphere. Pay as you go. No partner required. Private lessons available. Beginners welcome.

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