Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

MYB Code of Conduct

Welcome to MYB – we’re thrilled you’re here!

At MYB we’re committed to providing you with a friendly, fun, and above all, SAFE, environment to learn to dance.

While you’re with us, we ask that you stick to some basic rules of dance etiquette so that we can all feel good about coming to dance!

  1. We welcome everyone to MYB, regardless of age, gender, orientation, race, religion, appearance or disability, etc. Please refrain from antisocial language or behaviour while you’re with us.
  2. Attire and Hygiene:
    1. Dance is a physical activity and we work hard at it. You will get sweaty, and possibly smelly as a result – we supply hand sanitiser, mints and deodorant free of charge. Use them!
    2. With regards to appropriate clothing, we want you to wear whatever you are comfortable in. However, some things may make your partner more comfortable dancing with you.
      1. Avoid wearing jewellery that may scratch or get snagged by your partner.
      2. If you sweat a lot, bring a towel or extra t-shirt to change into.
  • If you have long hair, try to make sure it doesn’t hit your partner when spinning
  1. Feel free to wear dresses or skirts, but keep in mind we do spins, drops and lifts in class – plan appropriately
  1. On the Floor:
    1. Line of dance: Modern Jive is a slot dance – everyone dances along a line, and those lines should be parallel! Try to make sure your dancing keeps to these lines – you will be less likely to run into other couples and there will be more space for everyone.
    2. Teaching on the floor can be problematic – some people find it insulting, and it can interrupt the flow of the class. In general, refrain – refer problems to your teachers.
    3. Dance to your partner’s level: We encourage you to ask everyone for a dance, especially beginners. However, leads please keep in mind that trying to lead your partner into moves they don’t know or can’t do could make them uncomfortable or injure them. Use your best judgement, and ask where you are unsure!
    4. Asking for dances: Don’t be shy! In general, if you ask, most people will dance (one song) with you. Thank them afterwards. If declined, move on – there will be someone else willing to dance with you.
    5. Declining dances: You can decline dances – be polite about it. However, if you decline a dance, it is generally considered rude to get up immediately with someone else (unless you had prior arrangements with this person).
  2. Respect your partner:
    1. Keep your hands where they’re meant to be: Obviously, with a style like Modern Jive, there may be accidental brushes or poor hand placements – in these cases, apologise to your partner.
    2. If you’re the recipient of bad touch, don’t be afraid to point it out – if not to your partner, then to a member of the crew. If you aren’t sure, ask for advice or a second opinion.
    3. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated . If you are in breach, we will take action – this may include asking you to leave.

If you have any questions or issues do NOT hesitate to raise them with any member of the crew; or at