Beau Grinter

Dance Instructor


Previous to joining Move Your Body Dance Company, I danced Latin and Ballroom for just on 4 years. A battle with depression saw me house bound and needed a hobby to get me out and about. I remembered my passion for dancing and researched dance companies in my area and to my delight I came across Move Your Body in 2008.
There were times that I struggle, however, the sense of family, the sense of community I hung in there.I was enjoying meeting new people and socializing with newly made friends.

As Jason nurtured my passion for dance, I moved through the ranks and was elevated to teacher 2010.
With being a teacher this comes with responsibilities – the rewards are far more – I now  to unlock our students potential and enjoy seeing the progress people make and the delight on their face when they are able to get what  I am teaching. Many studies have shown how dance improves mental health and I am testament to that very notion.


Beginner Freestyle 2nd place,
Dancing With A Stranger  3rd place,
Beginner Freestyle 2nd place
Dancing With A Stranger 1st place