Mel Mari

Dance Instructor

I joined Move Your Body in July 2012, I have always loved dancing and when  I found Move Your Body I found my dancing family. I love travelling to comps with the Move Your Body Team because everyone is so supportive and we all just have a good time. Even if you have never danced before, Move Your Body provides classes for absolute beginners to the more advanced dancers so we cater for all abilities. Move Your Body offers an extremely friendly, social atmosphere and is a fantastic way to meet people while learning how to dance.It doesn’t take long to have a handful of moves under your belt, which you can use at any place, to any music, at any time. Come along to class to see for yourself!

– GC Champs 2016 1st in Teams

– VMJC 2017, 3rd in Teams
– GC Champs 2017, 1st in Teams
– QMJC 2017, 3rd in Intermediate Plus DWAS
– QMJC 2017 3rd in Teams

– VMJC 2014 3rd in Intermediate Freestyle
– VMJC 2014, 2nd in Teams

– VMJC 2015, 1st in Intermediate Plus Freestyle
– GC Champs 2015, 3rd in Intermediate Plus Freestyle
– QMJC 2015, 2nd in Intermediate Plus Freestyle


– VMJC 2013, 2nd in Beginner Freestyle
– VMJC 2013 3rd in Mix & Match
– CMJ 2013, 1st in Beginner DWAS
– CMJ 2013, 2nd in Beginner Freestyle
– GC Champs 2013, 3rd in Intermediate Freestyle
– GC Champs 2013, 1st in Mix & Match
– GC Champs 2013 1st in Teams