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It is best to arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts as it is a great opportunity to go through the basic technique, hand and foot work with the instructors who will also be able to answer any questions that you may have. Each class will commence with a beginner class, which involves fun, basic moves that are taught over a one hour period. This is followed by a 30 minute break that we call free-styling, where you can dance, have a chat, grab a drink or practice the beginner routine that you would have just learnt. This break is followed by another one hour session but this time it is broken into three different classes: i) Beginner Consolidation – this involves recapping the beginner routine from the previous class and breaking it down slowly in order to gain a better understanding of the moves. ii) Intromediate – this class is for those who are ready to progress from the beginner class and learn intermediate moves. iii) Intermediate Plus – this class is recommended only for those who have been dancing at least 3 months and are looking for a challenge with their dancing repertoire, styling and footwork. After this class the evening wraps up with social free-styling.

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Move Your Body teaches a fusion of dance styles which does include Latin style moves. Unlike the traditional forms of Latin styles, Move Your Body teaches a modern form of dancing whereby we take a range of moves from all the Latin components and incorporate them into the one style which is commonly known as modern jive or ‘ceroc’. We also teach only one style of footwork which is very easy to learn. Unlike the conventional Latin dancing which primarily is only danced to Latin music, our modern style of dancing can be applied to any type of music. This gives you the versatility of busting some moves regardless of the music in any social environment i.e. parties, pubs, clubs, weddings, formals, hens and bucks nights etc, which is a sure fire way to impress your friends.

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“Jason is probably the best Instructor in Qld. Certainly the very best I have encountered. The Crew are respectful polite helpful and wonderful. Of course being polite encouraging and non-threatening to the new beginners is the most basic tenet of good business for a dance studio. Well Done Jason Highly recommended”! – Will Ski “I’m officially addicted to dancing. Jason and the crew are great teachers” . – Alicia Lee de Leeuw

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Dance Classes | Dance Parties | Workshops | Gold Coast Champs 12-14 July 2019

Our Victory Championship Dance

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Sandra Merry & Shaun Diaz

Alive – Gold Medalist Gold Coast Champs

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